How to Maintain the Shine of Your Laminate Flooring

Posted on: 29 November 2017


Laminate floors are among the best flooring options for increasing the value of your home. Additionally, laminate is more affordable than tiles, stone and hardwood. The flooring industry has grown by leaps and bounds, making various designs of laminate flooring that resemble other types of materials such as hardwood and stone. Though laminate floors are very easy to maintain, foot traffic, dirt and using the wrong cleaning products can take off the shiny layer, leaving your floor looking dull and grey. Here are four ways you can ensure your laminate floors remain clean and shiny for many years.

Sweep Daily

Though laminate floors are very resistant to scratches, it is still vital to protect them from anything that can scratch the surface. The first rule you should have in a house with laminate flooring or carpet is to leave shoes outside all the time because shoes bring in the sand, dirt and gravel that stick on the floor and cause damage. Secondly, you must sweep the floor daily with a soft and dry dust mop to get rid of any dirt. Never use a broom that has bristles, and if you vacuum, only use an attachment with soft bristles.

Use Gentle Products

When it comes to deep cleaning laminate flooring, all you need is water and a clean mop. However, if you feel you want to use a product to enhance the cleaning process, go for mild dish soap or some vinegar. Using harsh chemicals and detergents will only strip your floor of the glossy look and leave a sticky residue. Of course, you should remove the excess water from the mop while cleaning and only use very clean mops.

Wipe Spills Immediately

As with any wood, if you let some wet food or fluid spills stand on the surface for too long, a stain will be formed. The only way to ensure your laminate flooring is stain-free is to wipe any spill as soon as it happens. Always make sure you completely dry the wet area to avoid streaks.

Bring Some Shine

There are two simple ways to bring the shine to your laminate floors: buffing and glossing. After cleaning the floor with a wet mop, let the floor dry and then buff it with a clean microfiber cloth or mop. Once or twice every year, you can apply some shiny gloss on a clean floor to keep it shiny and protected all year long.

Follow these tips to maintain the glossy appearance of your laminate flooring. However, while you can do the deep cleaning and apply gloss on your own, it is good to contact a flooring contractor for regular professional maintenance and repairs.