Top Reasons to Install Carpet Flooring

Posted on: 14 December 2017


Carpet flooring is a highly revered flooring type among Australian homeowners because it offers a number of essential benefits over several non-carpet flooring options available on the construction market. If you're contemplating installing carpet flooring in a new house or an existing one, it is good to know about the various advantages that make carpeting stand out from the rest.

Here's a look at some top benefits of carpet flooring installation.

Carpeting is comfortable to step on.

If comfort is a top-of-mind priority for you, carpet flooring is an option you should definitely consider. Two qualities make this type of flooring more comfortable than non-carpet flooring like hardwood and tile flooring. Firstly, carpeting is softer, making it a delight to step on and walk on. Secondly, carpeting is much warmer beneath bare feet, which makes it desirable for people living in areas that experience cold weather for the most part of the year. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the level of comfort provided by carpeting depends on the quality of fibre used to make the fabric. For optimal comfort, it is imperative that you select high-quality carpeting. 

Carpeting is a safer option.

The simple fact that carpet covering is softer than non-carpet flooring surfaces means it is a safer flooring option. With hardwood or tile flooring, a trip or fall can cause serious injuries and lead to broken items. With carpet, there is an underlayment placed on top of the subfloor prior to installation of the flooring. The underlayment is usually made of soft material such as foam and rubber padding to minimise damage or injury resulting from a fall accident. This can be a crucial benefit in homes with kids or elderly people.  

Carpeting has sound-deadening effects.

A major issue with hard, non-carpet floors such as hardwood, laminate wood and tile floors is that they are capable of producing a lot of noise. When installed on upper floors, those on the lower floors can often hear someone walking on the upper floor. With carpeting, the noise can be significantly reduced, thanks to the sound-proofing effects of the underlayment installed below the flooring.

Clearly, carpeting offers some essential benefits to home owners. If the above-discussed benefits appeal to you, talk to a floor installation expert to know which type of carpeting you should install. They will listen to you and help you choose the right product for your home.