4 Reasons to Seek Dustless Sanding for Your Office Floor

Posted on: 20 December 2017


Genuine timber flooring can really make your office stand out. The cool, professional appearance strikes a more positive impression for clients and employees alike, but you do need to make sure the timber is properly maintained. Every so often, you'll need to have it sanded down to remove any noticeable scratches, stains or abrasions. If you are seeking sanding services for your office, here are just four reasons why you should look for dustless floor sanding.

1. Minimal Downtime

The process of sanding timber flooring used to create clouds of dust. If you go for a conventional sander, you'll need to spend plenty of time preparing your office. Every desk and computer will need to be covered, as well your soft furnishings, shelves, electronic equipment and so on. When the process has been completed, you'll need to spend even more time cleaning up. That means more downtime for your business. Employees will be unable to access the office for some time before and after sanding. When you go for dustless, the office will only be off-limits when the sander is being used.

2. No Health Risks

You're morally and legally responsible for the health and wellbeing of your employees. Unfortunately, sanding dust can linger after even the most exhaustive clean-up. In most cases, breathing in that dust isn't an issue, but it can provoke allergic reactions or cause problems for those who suffer from asthma. When you go dustless, even microscopic particles of dust won't be present after the floor has been sanded.

3. Professional Results

Probably the main reason people choose offices with hardwood flooring is because it's an upscale material that makes a business seem more affluent and reliable. As such, you'll want to keep yours looking its best, which is why you're having it sanded in the first place. Well, going dustless can help. When dust is allowed to escape, it can cause abrasions as the sanding machine continues to work. Even worse, it can float down into the finish applied just after the floor has been sanded. When you go dustless, this isn't something to worry about.

4. No Risk of Damage

From computers to TV screens, modern offices are home to lots of expensive electronic equipment that can be damaged when dust intrudes. If dust falls through their ventilation shafts, you could be looking at replacing some of those expensive items. Even worse, you may lose vital data if a computer is affected.