How to Maintain the Appearance of Your New Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 21 March 2018


Hardwood is a versatile flooring material that can suit any home's style. Its natural look gives a home's interior space an appealing rustic look that you wouldn't obtain from other flooring options such as tile and carpet. Additionally, the material insulates the house and increases the structural stability of the building. What's more, hardwood is a sturdy material that can last for decades without requiring replacement.

However, proper maintenance is needed to preserve this material's structural and aesthetic features. That's why you need to observe the following things if you need to maintain the appearance of your newly installed hardwood flooring.

Clean with little water

Do you find yourself using a soaking mop to wipe your floors? If so, you may be doing them more harm than good. Just like every other type of natural timber, hardwood will absorb water that's left stagnating on the material for a while. As it absorbs water, the wood may begin to chip or rot. This is particularly true if the material used was not sealed before installation. Extend the durability of your floors by using little water when mopping. Wring the mop thoroughly before cleaning the floor to ensure that very little water comes into contact with it. Similarly, wipe water spills immediately after they occur to prevent the water from getting absorbed into the wood.

Protect the floor from scratches

Unsightly scratches and marks on your hardwood flooring will decrease its aesthetic value. Therefore, you need to protect the floor from scratches by your pets, furniture, and vacuum cleaner. Throw a rug in the area where your pets play so that they won't scratch the wood. Install felt pads on the legs of your furniture to prevent them from scratching the floor. Make sure that furniture is lifted rather than dragged to prevent marks on the floor. Finally, remove the beaters on your vacuum cleaner when cleaning. The beaters can easily scratch the floor and leave unappealing masks that cannot be undone.

Apply protective coatings

When you first install your flooring, the contractor must have applied a polyurethane coating to lighten the surface of the wood and protect it from moisture damage. Over time, this coating wears off, and the floor will be left unprotected. Renew the finish once a year to protect the wood and restore its beautiful appearance. Before recoating, sand the floor to remove the old coat and achieve a smooth surface for even application.

Follow these tips to extend the durability and preserve the appearance of your new hardwood flooring. Remember to contact a professional flooring contractor for flooring repairs and refinishing.