• Unravelling the Advantages of Commercial Vinyl Flooring

    In the realm of flooring options, commercial vinyl helps stand out for its versatility and durability. This post explores the benefits of commercial vinyl flooring and the value of entrusting its installation to professionals. Understanding Commercial Vinyl Flooring Commercial vinyl flooring is a popular choice among businesses due to its resilience and adaptability. It's a synthetic flooring material that replicates the look of natural substances like stone, wood or ceramic, while offering superior durability and ease of maintenance.
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  • Building Your Home? Why Add Foam Floor Insulation

    If you're planning your new home, don't forget about the insulation. If you haven't thought about adding insulation to the flooring, you should. You might not realise this, but foam insulation is a great addition to your residential flooring. Foam insulation can offer benefits you might not have considered. One of the benefits is that you can use foam insulation under all types of flooring. But, there are other benefits you can get from foam insulation.
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