Restore Worn-Down Timber Flooring With These Easy Steps

Posted on: 11 December 2017


Instead of opting to cover up damaged timber flooring with wall-to-wall carpeting, you can choose to embark on timber floor repairs. Giving your timber flooring an overhaul won't just enhance the appeal of your interiors; you will inadvertently increase the value of the house too! Below are some easy steps you can take to restore worn-down timber flooring to its former glory.

Sand the timber flooring

Before starting the restoration process, ensure that the timber flooring is free of any debris. Particles left on the wood during the sanding process could end up abrading the floor and causing undue scratches. After cleaning the floor, you can then get down to stripping off the top layer of the floor. An easy way of doing this would be hiring a mechanical sander, particularly if your timber floors take up a significant amount of square footage. However, take note that it is recommended to manually sand the perimeter of the timber so that you can ensure you have covered the hard-to-reach corners where sanding equipment may not be able to access. Once the entire floor is sanded, go over it again with medium-grit sandpaper to smooth out any ridges that may have developed and to create a smooth and uniform finish.

Fill in the gaps in the flooring

The next step to overhauling your timber flooring is filling in any gaps that have developed in the wood. Leaving the cracks and crevices unattended can translate into uneven polishing of the floor, and this will adversely affect the finish of your timber repairs. Luckily, filling in the cracks is a simple enough process. All you need to do is create a wood paste by mixing the sawdust formed during the sanding process and some wood glue. Meticulously apply the paste to all visible holes and leave the mixture to cure and set. Once the mixture has dried, go over the holes with a fine piece of sandpaper to smooth out the edges. Lastly, wipe down the floor to eliminate stray sawdust particles.

Varnish the timber flooring

Once your freshly sanded timber flooring is clean and dry, you can proceed to varnish it. The first thing to do is to decide on what type of finish you would like. A matte finish is great if you want your timber floors to have a subtle charm, while a glossy finish is ideal if you are looking to highlight the flooring. Establish which end of the room you would like to begin varnishing and work your way down by applying the varnish in broard strokes via an applicator. Be sure to keep all windows and doors open for maximum ventilation during this last stage of timber floor restoration.